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White teeth are at the top of most people’s beauty wish list. Sensodyne Pronamel knows the secret to white teeth lies in having strong, healthy enamel.

Tooth enamel is the hard, white, visible, strong outer layer of your teeth. Over time, acidic foods and drinks, can wear away tooth enamel, exposing the duller, yellow dentine underneath, making the teeth appear yellow and dull. Once enamel has worn away, it is gone for good therefore it is important to protect it.

Therefore one of the secrets to a healthy white smile is having strong, healthy enamel.

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Make Pronamel part of your healthy lifestyle

Healthy diets are often acidic, which can wear down the enamel, revealing the dark yellow dentine underneath. Pronamel strengthens the enamel so you can keep living your lifestyle with healthy, white teeth.

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About Acid Erosion

Modern diets contain acids that can erode our enamel. See if you are at risk.





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Why Pronamel®?

Pronamel has a uniquely optimised fluoride formulation that actively strengthens weakened enamel. Pronamel is clinically proven to strengthen enamel for strong white teeth.

It also helps maintain healthy teeth and gums* and provides cavity protection whilst leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

*with twice daily brushing

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