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Tooth Enamel: Facts & Advice

About enamel

Tooth Enamel: Facts & Advice

Tooth Enamel: The layer of protection for our teeth

Tooth enamel is the hard, white, visible, outermost covering of your teeth. It’s the hardest substance in the human body, yet once damaged it cannot re-grow so it’s really important to protect today to help retain a healthy white smile.

Why is enamel important?

1. Protection

Enamel is very important for our teeth, as it is the white strong outer layer which helps protect the sensitive areas of your teeth. Fail to look after enamel and it can wear away and expose the dentine layer underneath, which leads to duller and yellowing teeth and you may be at risk of suffering sensitivity.

2. Cannot re-generate

Although enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it cannot regenerate itself. Once it is worn away, it will not grow back—to put it another way, you cannot fix enamel erosion on teeth once it’s occurred.

3. Your smile is what everyone sees first

When enamel wears away, the dentine layer underneath shows through. As this is darker and yellow in tone, it won’t make for the best first impression when you smile.


Knowing how to protect and preserve your tooth enamel from erosion and decay begins with a basic understanding of what enamel is, how it gets damaged, and the steps you can take on a daily basis to protect it.

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