Pronamel® Toothbrush

  • Designed to help protect tooth enamel
  • Effective cleaning
  • Specially designed to help protect enamel
  • Micro-fine bristle ends are gentle on the tooth enamel
  • Patented flexible gel pad that holds the brush bristles to provide effective cleaning
Pronamel Toothbrush

Product Details


  • It is recommended that toothbrushes are replaced every 3 months.
  • Push brush towards you to open.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Children under 6 years should be supervised during brushing. Do not allow bristles or toothbrush to be chewed.
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Do hot, cold, and sugary foods sometimes cause sudden, sharp pains? You may have tooth sensitivity. Take the Sensodyne® Online Check Up to find out about sensitive teeth and the products that can help you. 

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Sensodyne® Repair and Protect Whitening 

Sensodyne® Repair and Protect Whitening toothpaste can actually repair vulnerable areas of sensitive teeth. At the same time, it helps your teeth keep their natural whiteness.

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